Who we are

Most of the time, a coder is, basically, a ninja.

He is self-aware about what he needs to do on the project. He is actively listening to the needs of the client. He is weapon-savvy because he knows exactly what tool to use in order to provide the best service. He is zen-like calm and extremely agile in case of an emergency.

Our ninja coders team is all these and more. 

We are building, maintaining and supporting any Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 web applications. We are very strong in Backend development and we manage ourselves the system admin part.

Besides the technology, we also love the Drupal community, so we like to get involved in any events or conferences related to Drupal.

We choose to provide the best quality in any circumstances, by meeting the code standards. In consequence, we are organising our work with Jira, using the Agile workflow.

For coding, we are using git through Bitbucket and their pipelines to ensure that the code is safe and fast delivered. But, also that the coding standards and best practices are automatically reviewed: no bad code is allowed!



We choose to make the best drupal websites that we can do for our clients. The years of experience of the ninja coders proved that the mixture of code quality, powerful security and transparent communication is the key of a thriving website.

Finding the exact needs
Creative design for the website
We put our ninja coders skills in action
Making sure that everything is in place
Launch the final product
If your business needs a website