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Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.

Patrick McKenzie
Code Quality

Most of the time, what you see is NOT what you get, so we make sure that what's behind the beauty of your website is high quality. Being certain that the coding standards are met is a priority for our team.

Performance & Security

Having a nice website is not enough. We are helping you to keep it updated with the latest changes, to have a strong SEO setup and a powerful security.

Constant Support

Communication is one of the key aspects of a successful collaboration. That's why we find win-win solutions and provide tools to keep track of the work.

If your business needs a website

Ninja Projects

When you are a ninja coder, there are very few things that scare you. From presentation websites to drupal portals, we’ve made them all.

What Our Clients Say
eddo by lineup7
Julien Cappa, General Manager
Eddo by LineUP7

Efficient and reactive team ! They take the time to understand the client's needs, ask the good questions and respect deadlines. We are really satisfied with their services.

Ruben Teijeiro, Cofounder, Youpal Agency
Ruben Teijeiro, Co-Founder
@Youpal Agency

Ninja Coders is an amazing team of young talents which are able to deliver high-quality solutions using open source software.

Moreover, Ninja Coders have demonstrated they have the abilities to deliver high-quality code using open source best practices. Their capacity to adapt to your delivery process makes them the best choice when you are in urgent need of an effective solution.

They are also prominent contributors of open source projects like Drupal, where they not only provide support with their technical skills but also with their social abilities. 

goodwill consulting logo
Bűkfeyes-Rákossy Zsombor, Sales Manager
@Goodwill Consulting

At Ninja Coders we met a young, motivated and very well trained team who managed to respond promptly to all our requirements. 

Their proactive attitude and the patience with which they have treated each of our requests make us choose them when it comes to our site.

Ciprian Dimofte opensolr
Ciprian D., CEO

We developed a great relationship with Ninja Coders over the last year. A smart and enthusiastic team that is really careful with the clients’ needs. 

We have been working with Ninja Coders in developing a Drupal Module for OpenSolr. We couldn’t be any happier with this collaboration.

The Ninja Coders Team has provided us creative and on the point solutions for the problems that we met. Moreover, the team showed us some issues that could have been dangerous for us in the long term. 

I strongly recommend Ninja Coders for their ambition to be better every time and for the code quality.

Laura Nita, CEO
@Zynala Software

We had a wonderful collaboration with Ninja Coders. They have proven to be a responsive team that finds very quick solutions to our problems. 

Moreover, the communication with the team was very good, as each one of the developers, and project manager, came with suggestions in order to make our product better and better with every release. 

I strongly recommend Ninja Coders for their professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm.

Casey Cobb, Principal / Developer
@Project Ricochet

Cristina and the entire Ninja Coders team have been an incredibly responsive and technically-adept extension of our team for several key projects, where we needed some extra help - and deep expertise with ApacheSolr. They were great to work with and were able to quickly plug in to our processes and systems. I highly recommend them!